Arquitectura en peligro de extinción

Arquitectura en peligro de extinción

Este es un magnífico ejemplo de arquitectura que se va a perder para siempre. Se tratan de rediles de alta montaña en la zona de Eraul (Navarra), que actualmente se encuentran en ruina avanzada.


Blogging archaeology, ed. by Doug Rocks-Macqueen & Chris Webster

Sprache der Dinge - Language of Things

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In the last few weeks this blog has been a little bit quieter than usual and now the reason for this can be seen on the net: blogging archaeology is out!

Thanks to Dougs and Chris´ invitation I wrote an article called “Why archaeological blogging matters: personal experiences from Central Europe and South America” for their online publication “Blogging Archaeology”, based on an earlier draft on “What are the goals of archaeological blogging?“. The book has been presented officially on Saturday at the session “Archaeological Blogging” at the SAA in Austin, Texas. It consists of different contributions, from rather scholarly papers to personal experiences, but what unites us is the belief that blogging archaeology, in all its different versions, is relevant to our discipline, the public and to all of us who wish to promote archaeology to an ever wider audience, using the web and social media.
I am very…

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HERACLES. Un proyecto Europeo formativo y colaborativo desarrollado por el Centro Studi Archeologici e ISAT acaba de nacer. Queremos agradecer a la Provincia de Verona su apoyo institucional. En breve aportaremos más información sobre este proyecto. / HERACLES. An educational and collaborative European project developed by the Centro Studi Archeologici and ISAT has just been born. We would like to thank the province of Verona its institutional support. Shortly we will provide more information about this project.




Centro Studi Archeologici. Verona (Italia) already it is a partner.
CSA Is a technical archaeology school in Verona (Italy). CSA offers a very technical formation focus on high excellence data analisys. You can get the know how about all items involved in archaeological sites (documentation, register, interpretation, technical draw, etc.) 

ISAT and CSA have an collaborative agreement wich main objetives are combined high level courses (2 months. 1 in Italy, 1 in Tarifa), and faculty interchange. We main objetive is offer to you the best academic experience in Mediterranean area.